The Founder

CJN Properties was founded by Late Shri C. Jagannath Naidu. Originally hailing from Pallikonda, a small border town in Tamil Nadu.

In the year 1966 he moved to Bengaluru, as a young man aspiring for better opportunities in life. He did get a wonderful opportunity in the form of an employment with the Indian Telephone Industries Ltd (ITI) serving the organisation for 30 long years.

While in service, his entrepreneurial desires had allowed him to try his hand at various business opportunities. He did find success and the enterprising activities also allowed him to gain good business knowledge and wide circle of contacts.

He joined hands with his friends and developed lands creating Sathya Sai Layout, Whitefield, Bengaluru and Pai Layout in Ramamurthy Nagar, Bengaluru.

A very special credit bestows on him for having not just developed lands, but also to have sold the plots on instalments. It happened to be so as he had understood the difficulties of workmen having been himself in employment. He therefore came up with the instalment schemes that allowed the employees of ITI and other factories to benefit from this yeoman offer rendered by Late Shri C. Jagannath Naidu to own a piece of land in Bengaluru.

He was noble, pious, kind and broad minded having been also an inspired devotee of Sathya Sai Baba.

He has left us, but his memories are still fresh. We at CJN Properties are determined in following his footprints to be a company of Integrity and transparency, in short a customer centric organization.